PGPool admin is a front end for commands found by default in /usr/local/bin/

root@foo094:/usr/local/bin# ls
pcp_attach_node  pcp_node_info    pcp_proc_info      pcp_stop_pgpool    pgpool
pcp_detach_node  pcp_pool_status  pcp_promote_node   pcp_systemdb_info
pcp_node_count   pcp_proc_count   pcp_recovery_node  pg_md5

They are run like so.

root@foo094:/usr/local/bin# pcp_node_info --verbose 10 9998 usernamedefined_in_pcp.conf MyPassword postgres
Port    : 5432
Status  : 2
Weight  : 0.500000

Installing pgpoolAdmin

apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 php5 php5-pgsql
mkdir   /var/www/html
cd  /var/www/html
mv download.php?f=pgpoolAdmin-3.2.0.tar.gz pgpoolAdmin-3.2.0.tar.gz
tar -xvf pgpoolAdmin-3.2.0.tar.gz
mv pgpoolAdmin-3.2.0 admin-tool
chown -R www-data:www-data admin-tool/
chown www-data /usr/local/etc/pgpool.conf
/usr/local/etc# chown www-data\: /usr/local/etc/pcp.conf

connect to your site and complete install

Final step

rm -rf /var/www/html/admin-tool/install/

And there we have it ->

TODO: setup watchdog

  • beck

    Dear all,

    please help me.

    when I show pgpool status menu in pgpool admin. then I get this error:
    PgpoolAdmin: Error Message pcp_node_count command error occurred.

    But on Node-status menu: I get some information correctly:
    IP Address Port Status
    localhost 5432 Down 5432 Up

    I think the error comes from the PCP* commands.

    but when I run on the terminal:
     # pcp_node_count-d 10 localhost 9898 apache tunglan
    DEBUG: send: tos = “R”, len = 44
    DEBUG: recv: tos = “r”, len = 21, data = AuthenticationOK
    DEBUG: send: tos = “L”, len = 4
    DEBUG: recv: tos = “l”, len = 22, data = CommandComplete
    DEBUG: send: tos = “X”, len = 4

    #pcp_node_count -d 10 localhost 9898 apache tunglan
    DEBUG: send: tos=”R”, len=44
    DEBUG: recv: tos=”r”, len=21, data=AuthenticationOK
    DEBUG: send: tos=”L”, len=4
    DEBUG: recv: tos=”l”, len=22, data=CommandComplete
    DEBUG: send: tos=”X”, len=4
    -bash-3.2$ pcp_node_info -d 0 localhost 9898 postgres tunglan 0
    DEBUG: send: tos=”R”, len=46
    DEBUG: recv: tos=”r”, len=21, data=AuthenticationOK
    DEBUG: send: tos=”I”, len=6
    DEBUG: recv: tos=”i”, len=55, data=CommandComplete
    localhost 5432 3 0.500000
    DEBUG: send: tos=”X”, len=4

    everything is ok on terminal.

    please help me.
    thank you for your help.